We are looking forward to presenting G A L A at Tete a Tete – The Opera Festival – 1st and 2nd August.

There’s a great score from Ergo Phizmiz, a fabulous cast, puppetry surprises, surreal rudeness, singing puppeteers, puppeteering singers, ‘live’ bunny action … – oh COME AND CHECK IT OUT! x


Gala is a puppet-opera inspired by the aged Gala Dali’s rapacious relationship with Jeff Fenholt, a young actor then playing the role of Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway.

Music and Words: Ergo Phizmiz

Director: Bill Bankes-Jones
Design/Puppetry: Isobel Smith
Music Director: Timothy Burke
Gala: Becca Marriott
Jesus Christ Superstar: Alex Gilchrist
Maid: Laura Monaghan
Puppeteers: Isobel Smith, Teele Uustani, Darren East

There’s more info and booking on the Tete a Tete website.

See you there xx