I am delighted that its nearly time to present our two new shows at Little Angel’s Suspense Puppetry Festival 2013:

1.’Thinking it and Fainting

This Friday 25th and Saturday 26th October 2013 at PLEASANCE THEATRE Stagespace:

There has been much pan-banging, laundry-hanging fun preparing the first show:

Inline image 1

Our heroine, a worn out housewife, driven by the desperate need for a cup of tea, must leave the house and go in search of milk…

Her quest takes on epic proportions as everyday tasks – from a mountain of washing up to an overflowing laundry basket – become an extraordinary, twisted visual theatrical adventure using object manipulation, puppetry, lighting and shadow.

Developed during a Puppet Centre residency at Nuffield Theatre and supported by Arts Council England.

Devised, directed and performed by Isobel Smith with Teele Uustani, puppeteer and musical soundscape composed and performed live by Foz Foster.
… and now for something completely different …
Tuesday 29th, Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st October 2013 at PLEASANCE THEATRE Stagespace:
Artist – The Baron Gilvan has been confined for weeks on end in a dark animation studio, emerged only to dance the moon dance from time to time …
Inline image 2

To feel epic and frail, to be both beautiful and grotesque.

Christina the Astonishing explores personal psychotic states and heightened worlds of the foolish artist with references to Christina, Patron Saint of Mental Illness.

A unique collaboration between artist The Baron Gilvan and puppeteer Isobel Smith, of ‘Grist to the Mill’. Crossing genres of painting, puppetry, animation and video mapping.

Developed out of fledgling ideas during Little Angel Theatre’s INCUBATE programme and supported by Arts Council England.

We hope you will come along and see what what we have been up to.
x isobel x