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I am delighted to be heading off to Italy on Monday for the final part of
Sisters of Hera – Dentro/Fuori
created and curated by:
Dorothy Max Prior  director
Isobel Smith  designer/visual artist
James Foz Foster  composer
in collaboration with: Simon Wilkinson, Circa69 (UK); Yael Karavan, The Karavan Ensemble (Israel); Matthew Blacklock and Marion Duggan, The Ragroof Players (UK); Bruno Humberto (Portugal); Serena Gatti (Italy); The Baron Gilvan (UK)

Pristine white linen on tables grazing in the woods; farm tools that become musical instruments; trees that grow human branches – an interactive medley of music, dance and performance, bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out.
Live performance, sound compositions, video works, and installations celebrate Scompiglio’s dualities: art and nature; architecture and agriculture; the wild and the tamed.

The audience is invited to discover magical transformations across the site in The Hunt; and will then, after an Aperitif, be drawn together to experience The Homecoming – an outdoor journey culminating in an indoor feast of sensory experiences.